iSHIELD Diamond Edition

There is nothing better than iSHIELD ceramic coatings made by iShine®.
iSHINE AutoSpa, is the brand owner of 3D Hybrid coating- iSHIELD® and an exclusive producer of that famous paint protective coating.
Ever heard about Ceramic VS, Ceramic 9H plus PRO or our best- iSHIELD ceramic Nano? Now we created brand new NaNo Ceramic Protective Coatings made in the highest standards of XXI century nanotechnology!
So We call it – “iSHIELD Diamond Edition”
Our new ceramic protective coatings, is a new generation of iSHIELD® Family products, gives you Strongest Hybrid (Polymer-Ceramic) 3D molecular structure with Toughest and Thickest single layer application!

We guarantee: it has the best quality currently available on a market.

What’s so unique in iSHIELD Diamond Edition?

  • New iShield have a sparkling, candy-reflective glaze appearance.
  • Creates an invisible, world Thickest ( 850-900 nm) protective layer in single application! Pencil Test
  • Layer with a hardness of 9H+ ( by pencil test on a steel plate) . Confirmed by Lab! Pencil Test
  • It makes the car body paint even three times more resistant to damages and scratches, (such as a parking door hits), compares to iShield and 6 times to any known ceramic on a market.
  • IT is 100% chemical resistant
  • IT is 100% UV rays resistant and Hight-Low temperatures stable!
  • No SUN or Salt water effected! ( have a Boat?)
  • Perfect for a Brass- Chrome protection.

Pencil test