PURE XH Ceramic Coating


XH is about making your customers’ happy and their cars shine and protected!
Pure XH Nano-ceramic coating is the revolutionary product that creates a superior protective layer to keep auto surfaces strong and shiny. All it takes is just a double-time application followed up with minimal maintenance.
Coating contains a hard ceramic molecular, looks like cube- matrix structure that delivers excellent resistance to scratches and chemicals. The surface coated by iShine’s XH
a hard ceramic layer,giving the best protection from damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals. And your car will stay clean for a much longer time!


Consumption: 5 ml/m2
Coating Thickness : 200-250 nm
WCA: 97° @20 nL
WSA: 25 ° @20 nL
Washing test: 50 cycles 0.15 kg/cm2 with ph notr auto detergent; %22 hydrophobia,%20 coating thickness reduction
Wind effect: 480h, 100 km/h wind tunnel, substrate is 45° angle to flow, reduction %24 in hydrophobia, ,%16 coating thickness reduction
UV protection: 290 nm,1000W, 35 cm; 480 h effective,
no change in colour and a little bit increase in hydrophobia